Working with Our Seattle Interior Design Team

The method of redesigning a space is just as important as the final result, and we pride ourselves on our collaborative process. This begins with an open dialogue, gathering a picture of your preferences and lifestyle. Along with personal history, likes and dislikes, we draw upon sense memory, inviting conversations that evoke sights, sounds and physical experiences that connect with you on a fundamental level. This lays the groundwork for your project, allowing us to concept designs and collect pieces that reflect your identity.

At our initial complimentary consultation, we discuss your general needs, ideas and inspirations, expectations, project scope and budget. Following approval of a custom contract, we begin our process. We encourage open communication throughout the project, both from our clients and ourselves.

Brian’s unique aesthetic and ability to form trusting, lasting relationships set Brian Paquette Interiors apart. We celebrate our connections with craftsmen and artists throughout the country, and we are able to supply clients with unparalleled pieces not available in major stores.

Brian Paquette Interiors is experienced in a wide range of projects Whatever your vision, our Seattle based interior design team is eager to help shape it and turn it into reality.

Contact us to learn more or get started. | 206.329.0433

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