…it sure has been a long time since I even thought about writing a blog post let along writing one. Life. I assure you with all of the change around here, I am still me, I am still looking, I am still excited everyday with the newness. Speaking of change and newness, let me share some of the newness around the office. Bullet points are OK here right?

– My amazing assistant Nicole is now with me full time and taking on some creative roles…maybe even taking over this blog thing here so people know we are alive?

– I have hired a business manager, a former client and badass, Amanda is making sure we grow in the right way…handling investments, leases, contracts, legal and making sure we get the damn store open.

– I have also taken on my dear friend and talented interior designer Leah Steen as a contract designer for projects that we will work on together, she will continue to do work for her own clients but this helps us both grow and takes a bit of the business weight off our shoulders.

– The wallpaper collection is coming along…should have color samples (!!!) by July or so with a launch in January of 2015.

– Our current project list is…well, staggering to say the least. From a few massive homes and offices over the water in Victoria, to interior decoration for some of Seattle’s most respected creatives to full construction homes and working a long with developers here in Seattle to make sure a lot of these new apartment complexes and condo buildings meet our high standards of quality and artistry. It has taken a long time to get here and I for one and super psyched to be able to continue to grow, learn, breathe and repeat.

…What is more exciting to me now is being able to specify and support the young designers I so adore. Iacoli & McAllister, Apparatus, Zak+Fox, Grain, Egg Collective, Lawson Fenning, Workstead, Robert Lewis, Garza, Helen Levi, Akiko, Katy Krantz, Stephen Kenn, Fort Standard…so many more. Not to mention actually getting to connect with these people on a deeper level than just invoices and spreadsheets.

What to look forward to? Well, the store…it’s slow going…space is limited right now in Seattle and I want to do it right, so I am being patient. More collaborations with artists, The slow start of a product line, and of course more and more overly dramatic photos of light flickers and books on tables. Trust me, I don’t take myself too seriously. I/we are here to create, open eyes and maybe influence a little? The day to day can be beautiful if you let it…

…lastly a few shots from a much needed recent trip to LA for some relaxation (don’t think I didn’t go shopping though)

I do hope all of you (hello!) are well…and look forward to sharing more with you on a hopefully more regular basis.


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