While excitedly working on our new products that will be unveiled soon, we couldn’t help but reminisce about some of our products we released earlier this year.  Our line of wallpapers, a collaboration with studio four nyc, include Corinne, Nantes, and Reynakos are hand-drawn, and inspired by various places, artists, and memories that Brian cherish.

Our Corinne wallpaper was inspired by and named after Corinne Riley, a prominent female artist that is most known for being the leading expert on quilting during the early 20th century.  Her quilts are known for being uniquely improvisational, which led to Brian’s own painterly approach of classic “crazy quilt”.

Nantes, named for a historic city in the west of France, is one Brian holds dear to his heart.  This sketched and softened print can be used in many applications and recalls the countless walks during twilight, through quiet neighborhoods.

Our final wallpaper, Reynakos, was inspired by and named after dear friends and hosts on a visit to Tokyo and Kyoto.  Complex and surprising, it references sashiko stitching and indigo dyeing, combined with the bustling energy of these Japanese cities for a provocative print.

///Available to purchase through Studio Four NYC + Harbinger  as well as us!

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