As the year comes to a close and a new one approaches I thought I should write down some advice for myself…but feel free to  read on…My platform is small but maybe this can help you too.

1. THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON…AND THAT REASON IS HARD WORK, HONESTY AND HUMILITY: I hear all too often people saying ” Well, things happen for a reason!” when talking about successes etc but never fully having an understanding what that REASON is. I could go on an on about never giving up and being passionate and blah blah blah. You can be told this a thousand times, but it is YOU that will make anything in this world happen for you and no one else.

2. LIKE – JOB DOES NOT EQUAL LIKE-MINDED: Never assume that just because you are a doctor or a lawyer or…an interior designer that you will be on the same page as every other person in that industry. People have so many different paths and beliefs and how they pay there bills does not make them, THEM. I have learned this the hard way. I have met some amazing people through work, some of which have turned into my dearest friends but I have also seen some ugly  in an industry built on consumerism and the need to impress. I am very sensitive when it comes to this, so I am giving myself the permission this year to step back a little.

3. YOUR EXPECTATIONS OF PEOPLE WILL RUIN ANY POSSIBLE MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIP: Be present, accept others faults and most importantly do not pretend to understand anyones past journey in life without first asking and connecting. We are all flawed and it’s beautiful and it’s ugly all at the same time.

4.THIS ONE APPLIES TO THE CREATIVES OUT THERE/// SHOW MORE BEAUTY, LESS BULLSHIT: Sorry for the expletive but come on…and this is not me being the jaded artist. Marketing and social media are beautiful tools that we as people of the future have at our fingertips. Remember, this advise is for myself as well. YOU ARE A CREATIVE, YOU ARE AN ARTIST…YOU GET PAID TO MAKE THE WORLD A MORE PLEASANT PLACE…Share that, share your beauty…leave the pictures of unopened boxes from vendors, the pile of paper work on your desk, the photos of you with people you don’t really know, but you think will get you places… and THE UNNECESSARY JUSTIFICATION OF BUSY to yourself. Think to yourself…is this art? is this challenging? is this inspiring? is this ME?!?! Aim higher, show the world that you want to be part of the larger CREATIVE CONVERSATION. You have a platform, use it wisely.

5. LOVE WITH ALL YOUR HEART, EVEN THE BROKEN MESSED UP PARTS: Be present (again, cause you know you have a problem with that.) Love your family and be there for them, love your partner, husband, wife…whatever and understand that there needs are different than yours…ask them what they are and keep the conversation going. Love is FUN.

6. SAVE MORE MONEY, WANT LESS, TRAVEL MORE: Because…well JUST DO IT!/Things and the need for them will crush your spirit/The world is large and beautiful and complicated and you are too comfortable.

7.NEVER GET COMFORTABLE: If you don’t have at least one thing ever day that scares the crap out of you, makes you feel uncomfortable or anxious than you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough.

8. JUST DO YOU: Quit worrying about societies view of you…they don’t even know you. You can only be you and stick to that. That’s the thing you know how to do best, cause you have done it for the longest. It’s like that saying, “Know your strengths, and leave the rest to the experts.” Just be you…the best version of you and that energy alone will captivate even the coldest of souls not to mention the positive energy you will send out into the world. Never underestimate that…EVER. By being the best you, you are helping others be the best them.

LOVE + LIGHT you guys!


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