Seattle Interior Designer

Brian Paquette Interiors, a high end design firm, was founded over seven years ago with a simple aim to turn houses into homes. Coming from a background in Conceptual Art, Brian Paquette has always been fascinated by how we interact with art in space. Art can be intended for inert observation, but in order for a space to be a home, a designer must revel in the active. Art is not just something to frame on a wall, and artists are not just passive players in our lives. Everything leaves an imprint.

Brian Paquette’s aesthetic is built up of all the experiences, all the places, and all the people he carries with him. Our firm hopes to challenge the need for categorization. Our work ranges from the traditional, an echo of Brian’s Rhode Island upbringing, to the very minimal, inspired by industrial Seattle. Our aesthetic does not belong to any one genre, but honors every influence, with a wink. The only thing we truly take seriously is the clients’ needs and making sure that they are met. Each project is a collaboration and a celebration of Home. After all, “Nothing is interesting unless it’s personal.”

We are currently working on a number of residential projects throughout the Seattle area as well as projects on the Washington Coast, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and Victoria, BC.