Design in any form is a process and a collaboration. A collection of references, history, personal and aesthetic. We approach the design process with our clients like a relationship, building upon similarities and understanding a common goal. It’s like dating and we get pretty personal.

Choosing a team to create a home or environment can be just as important as the colors and pieces that will fill said space. Knowing what you want or don’t want isn’t necessary, being open to new possibilities is. We start our process with a few meetings with you either at your space or ours…if your’s does not exist yet and through conversation we can gauge needs, wants and start to understand you and how you live.
This is a business, first and foremost and we want to make sure that part of the equation is very clear at the beginning so we can all focus on the more interesting part, the creation. We work like contractors rather than architects, artists rather than accountants. We take a percentage of the project budget as a design fee. Think of it as putting a price on a painting except the painting is your home. From there we create floor plans, sketches, assemble a team of craftspeople and begin the design process. We have built lasting relationships with some of the industries best contractors, painters, furniture builders and artists alike and bring these relationships together to create something just for you. We also know where the budget can best be spent and where we can cut corners to ensure a balanced look that not only meets the budget but also our clients lifestyles and needs. A contract is put together solely for your project including a list of expectations of both us and you and a very clear directive is then put into works
We look forward to hearing from you.